This page outlines some of the projects I’ve been involved in and includes a few screen shots which may be of interest.
SQL Batch Executor
This editor gives the developer access to any database with a compliant ODBC driver.

Built a data driven family history website.
MacIntyre.ca is automatically generated with Active Server Pages (ASP) from a Microsoft Access database. Full text search capabilities and a monthly newsletter subscription.

Built a client / server data entry application for Applied Management Consultants Ltd. This software allowed Applied Management to collect and analyze information on employee benefit plans.
This software is highly flexible in defining, maintaining, filtering, and exporting the data. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

Built a company directory application for distribution among Applied Management Consultants Ltd. partners and survey participants.
This software allows the end user to update data via the internet at the click of a button and maintain their own data records on the desired company.
Help file with detailed screen shots
Drag & Drop the utility from the System Tray (systray) onto any software to bring the window to the top using HWND_TOPMOST. The window floats on top of other windows.
Heldup Drag & Drop the utility from the System Tray (systray) onto any software to hide it for maximum privacy. This Window Manager keeps applications hidden and private.
Worked on the a team to maintain an established suite of shrink-wrapped, asset management software products, to add functionality, and research new products.
Developed utilization modeling software for restructuring Ontario hospitals. This was done in collaboration with HEALTHCOR Inc., with HEALTHCOR supplying the underlying formulas and me writing the software.
This modeling tool allowed consultants to select and move; programs, equipment, and patient groupings to different hospitals. Calculations were then run to measure dollar cost savings through the use of great resource efficiency. Data was then exported to excel where the consultants could perform more detailed analysis or double check automated calculations.
Developed many tools for HEALTHCOR Inc.. These tools usually included; number crunching into Microsoft Excel, Map generation in MapInfo, and office automation with Microsoft Office.