AppAway will hide your window applications while they run in the background.
AppAway allows you to drag the AppAway icon onto the software you want to hide. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Later you can right click on AppAway icon and display the hidden application.
AppAway is small. It’s written in C++ without any resource hungry components which means that AppAway is using as little system resources as possible. The entire application is less than 80kb and will probably be one of the smallest programs on your PC.
Examples of where AppAway might be useful
Hiding outlook, to clear desktop space, but still see the system tray icon when you receive email.
Hiding programs which have to run in the background, but are just taking up desktop space.
Hiding problem software which does not minimize properly.
Hiding your CD burner while writing a CD. Especially at the office.
Hiding music downloading programs while at work.
Hiding download or uploading programs while they run.
Steps to hide a window:
Make sure the program you want to hide is visible.
Move the mouse over the AppAway icon in the system tray at the lower right corner of the screen.

Press the left mouse button.
Move the mouse over the program you want AppAway.
Release the left mouse button.
Steps to Un-Hold up the program:
Right click on the AppAway icon in the system tray.
From the menu select the software you want to display OR select ‘Show all hidden…’.

Drag & Drop the utility from the System Tray (systray) onto any software to hide it for maximum privacy. This Window Manager keeps applications hidden and private. Download Now
Free download 300kb
Register Now
$10.00 US AppAway is now FREE
If you used the software and found it helpful during the 20 day trial period, you can register it for free by clicking here.
To register:
Right click on the AppAway icon in the system tray.
From the menu select ‘Register AppAway’.

From the Register dialog, click the ‘Register Now’ button.

This should open your web browser and bring you to the register web page. If this does not happen, you can click here.
Complete the opened web form making sure that your UserID and email is correct. Your application key will be generated from your UserID and emailed, so your application will not be completed if these fields are not correct.
When you receive your application key; open the Register dialog again and enter the new application key and press the OK button. If entered correctly the ‘Register AppAway’ menu item will be grayed out and the register button will no longer appear in the About box.